Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Off-grid living - Baby Step 1

Off-grid living is one concrete way to quickly move towards a degree of independence from the system, fulfilling your own energy needs, rather than relying on a mega corporation to supply it for you.

Rather than go the whole hog adding a massive array of solar panels on your roof, and heavy duty batteries etc, it's easier and far cheaper to cut down on your electricity use.

A solar panel and a power pack is all you need to keep your phone and tablet charged. Actually, the panel alone will charge your devices, but the power pack makes the whole thing a lot more flexible, allowing you to store charge to use when it's not sunny, including at night.

My portable small-scale set-up is as follows:

Simply pop the solar panel outside, preferably in direct sunlight, although it will still produce power on an overcast day, and watch your phones and tablets charge up, while the power pack gets a top-up for later use.

Total cost less than ninety pounds, and you're well on your way to an off-grid day.

This enables me to keep iPhone and iPad and iPad Mini charged, alongside bluetooth speaker and lights. 

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