Thursday, 11 January 2018

Free Hot Water

Most of us use hot water throughout the day. The fuels used to heat this water are usually gas or electricity. Gas is drilled for, then processed and piped to your home, where you burn it to produce heat. Electricity is generated in a number of ways (gas, oil, coal, nuclear, wind, solar etc) then transmitted to your home. Both of these methods have financial costs for you, and environmental costs for everyone, as well as losing a lot of energy along the way. For those reasons I've researched methods that can be used domestically without great outlay. The most direct and convenient method I've found is the Storm Kettle (aka the Kelly Kettle), which forms the lower part of the image below (the aluminium part).
Twigs, paper etc are burnt in the vessel at the bottom, and the heat generated thus heats the water in the aluminium 'sleeve'. This boils approximately a litre of water quickly, with the exact time being dependent on the temperature of the surrounding air, heat loss due to wind, initial water temperature etc. As shown above the Storm Kettle can also be fitted with a pan support, and in this case I've used an enamelled 'Billy' can to heat up more water. This configuration gives me enough boiling water to fill my 1.8 litre flask. I'll add some more photos later, including using the excess heat to heat up a frying pan instead of the Billy can.

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